Volume 1:

  • Episode 1: The Lost Sheep – How losing a pet can teach us about God’s amazing love.
  • Episode 2: The Unforgiving Servant – How playtime fun can teach us to be merciful.
  • Episode 3: The Good Samaritan – How working on a project together can teach us the value of each individual.

Volume 2:

  • Episode 1 – The Wiseman and the Fool: How following instructions is better than guessing.
  • Episode 2 – The Rich Fool: How building a castle taught the kids that people are more important than things.
  • Episode 3 – The Merchant and His Treasure: How sometimes it’s important to give up what we want for what is truly best!

Volume 3:

  • Episode 1 – The Lilies of the Field: Why life is more than just the things we think we need.
  • Episode 2 – Let Your Light Shine: What it really means to make our life a shining example for others.
  • Episode 3 – The Parable of the Sower: How our life is like a garden that needs love and attention.